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Portofino Wood Floors- Installation



Prior to Installation

Please read all the following instructions prior to beginning the installation. Inspect all materials before the installation. Our warranty does not cover flooring materials with visible defects once it has been installed. This is an engineered ½” or 9/16” thick flooring product, and requires following the general guidelines to install engineered wood flooring as prescribed by the National Wood Flooring Association.

  • The area to be installed must be brought to normal year round living conditions a minimum of one week before installation. A room temperature of 62 to 72 degrees and humidity of 40-60% would be considered normal.
  • The flooring should be delivered to the job minimum of 48 hours before installation begins. Each box should be left sealed in its original packaging. This acclimation process is only to adjust to the temperature of the environment that the floor is being installed.
  • Hardwood flooring is a natural product containing knots and mineral streaks and therefore color or grain variations are a normal occurrence. You will also notice variation in staining, height, surfaces, and textures. Do not install any board if there are any questionable aspects of quality. Installed boards with visual defects will be the responsibility of the installer and not covered under any warranty. It is imperative that your lighting is good when installing the wood floor.
  • It is the responsibility of the installer, contractor or owner to determine if the sub-floor and job-site conditions are environmentally and structurally acceptable for an engineered wood floor installation. We decline any responsibility for hardwood flooring failure resulting from or connected with sub-floor, subsurface, jobsite damage or deficiencies after the hardwood flooring has been installed. Flooring should be the last item installed in a new or remodel project. Any work requiring water, moisture or painting must be completed prior to the 48-hour acclimation time frame.


  • Sub floors/General information: The sub floor must be level, clean and dry. Proper moisture tests should be performed on the sub-floor, as well as, the flooring material. The difference between the moisture level of the sub-floor and the flooring should be less than 3%. For concrete installations, use the Calcium Chloride Test Method and do not install the flooring if vapor pressure exceeds 3 lbs. per 1,000 square feet in 24 hours. Also an alkalinity test should confirm the pH of the concrete is 6-8. To achieve flatness, fill any low spots or voids and grind down any high spots on the sub-floor. The sub-floor is considered flat when it does not vary by more than 3/16” in a 10 foot radius. Because of the natural color variation in hardwood flooring from piece to piece it is important to work out of four to five boxes at a time to assure a beautiful blend of shading. Our warranties do not cover color variation, so staggering boards with color differences throughout the floor is important. Always allow a minimum of ½” space for expansion around the perimeter of the room or when a vertical obstruction such as a fireplace, posts, etc. are parallel to the direction of the flooring.
  • Nailing method: Sub-floors of ¾” CDX plywood or oriented strand (OSB) will produce the best performing hardwood floors. Buildings with crawl space foundations should include a vapor barrier installed between the ground and the sub-floor. The vapor barrier can be 4 to 6 mil polyethylene sheets laid on the crawlspace floor. Proper air circulation is important to prevent moisture build-up. Flooring nails (cleats) may be used to install ½” and 9/16” thick engineered hardwood flooring. Proper spacing between nails is critical for a trouble-free, durable engineered floor. Recommended nail spacing is 6 to 8 inches apart along the length of each floorboard. Each floorboard should be nailed at least 2 inches away from each end. Installers have used the Powernail model 200 successfully with engineered hardwood flooring.
  • Gluing method: Engineered hardwood flooring can also be installed by using adhesives like Bostik’s Best or Wood Crafters. These manufacturers offer an adhesive bond warranty when these products are properly used following their instructions. They also offer a moisture warranty when used in conjunction with their moisture barrier systems. Please read and follow the adhesive instructions carefully. The sub-floor surface must be smooth and free of debris, oils, grease and solvents. Should adhesive be applied mistakenly to the finished floor, the adhesive manufacturer should be contacted immediately for their recommendation to remove the adhesive. It is also recommended that a small bead of carpenters glue be placed in the groove of the end joint when the gluing method is used.
  • Floating method: Engineered hardwood flooring can also be installed by floating the floor. We recommend using an 1/8” closed cell foam under-layment over a 6 mil plastic. An 1/8” combination foam may also be used for this. A small bead of tongue and groove flooring glue should be placed in the groove and the boards engaged together using a tapping block. Any glue residue should be wiped off with a damp rag.
  • Radiant floors: We do not recommend installations over radiant floors with this product.
 These engineered five inch plank have a sleek hand scraped surface for a timeless and classic look with a modern feel. These exceptional floors are available in several different species and features a nice two millimeter wear-layer. Portofino Wood Floors has over one hundred styles of wood floors to choose from both solid and engineered in a wide variety of species, sizes and colors ranging from traditional to contemporary. The durable crystal shield aluminum oxide finish keeps wear and tear to a minimum and makes upkeep a breeze.